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Apollo 8 interface


Logic X & Pro Tools

Neumann KH10 monitors


Manley DVC

Grace m101

Neve 88RS

Neve 1073

UA 610 Tube

API Vision

It's great to be in the studio with the artist but often the costs of an attended session (studio fees, travel etc...) can make it too expensive to consider on some projects, so I offer a remote cello session service. 

I'll bring the same expertise that I've done for the last 15 years working as a professional session player for the likes of Newton Faulkner, The Heavy, The ProclaimersMel C and many more, I'll play the same cello and my same creative response to the tracks, but all at a lower cost.


Remote recording is done in our own fully equipped studio (Harbour Studio), where can move from ambient spaces to a dryer sound, depending on your preference. All recordings are attended by my experienced engineer so I can focus on the music. 


1 song = £90

2 songs = £150

Overdubs (harmonising etc...) = £30 per song

If you would like me to write my own cello lines please add 25% to the fee.

Each project is different, so please be in touch first, send me the track(s) on mp3 if you have them and I'll always give you a fair quote based on how long it will take. We can also discuss how you'd like the cello recorded and talk about any other technical and stylistic considerations.

I can also provide vocals in a soprano / alto range. 


Brauner Phanthera

2x AKG 414 (XLII and XLS)

2x Earthworks QTC40 stereo pair

2x Gefell M300 matched pair


Ampex ATR-102 Tape Machine


Manley Variable MU

Millennia NS-EQ2

Thank you so much. Beautiful… just beautiful. It is so what I had in my mind’ Perry Wood

‘Thank you so much for yesterday. Track 1 continues to make me cry and is the one I shall largely use I think’ Hazel Winter

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