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Beth is in The Bookshop Band with her husband Ben Please. They have release 13 albums since 2010, all inspired by books and many featuring the authors themselves, either reading, playing an instrument or contributing to the artwork. They have collaborated with some of the greatest authors of our generation, including Philip Pullman, Yann Martel, Joanne Harris, Louis de Bernieres, Patrick Gale, Rachel Joyce, Ben Okri, Ruth Ozeki and many many more.

"The Bookshop Band shine like a diamond in a rough of rural acoustica. This is the type of music that, when it’s done well, is beyond captivating and The Bookshop Band have nailed it. With aplomb. And love. And sparkly, radiant magic. It’s a modern day Twinkle meets fairytale-land for adults. You’ll be smitten." 6 Music

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